Patricia Puddle and Double Trouble - YouTube

Why I wrote the book Double Trouble

Recording Chapters for My Next Book - YouTube

Going into the forest for inspiration to write the next chapters of my book .

An Angel in the Sky Hiding in the Sunset - YouTube

There's an angel in the sky hiding in the sunset. I spotted him when I was having my jog down by the river.

A Man in The Sky at Sunset - YouTube

Filming clouds at sunset I saw the shadow of a man in the sky! Is it an angel?

A Sweet Cat Came to Visit - YouTube

A sweet little cat came to visit while I was helping my daughter move. He was adorable and visited us the three days I was there.

Ominous Series by Patricia Puddle - YouTube

My Ominous Series is a story about two Guardian Angels who fight over who will guard a girl called Eloise. When one of them falls in love with the girl, all .

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