10x10x10 Green & Thrifty Cleaning Products--this is really cool! Just 10 different household items mixed 10 different ways can make 10 awesome cleaners (enough to clean your whole house!)

Green & Thrifty Cleaning Products

DIY: 10 Green & Thrifty Cleaning Products - 10 different household items, mixed 10 different ways, can make 10 awesome cleaners. Plus, a free printable with all the recipes.

So awesome! All natural recipe for Glowing Playdough.

All Natural Glowing Playdough

Play dough {Glow-in-the-dark}: Backlight Fun with the kids. All Natural recipe for Glowing Playdough - made with ingredients you can pick up from your grocery store and it lasts for months! From Fun at Home with Kids

Jello Cookies -- 3.5 cups flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1.5 cups salted butter softened, 1 cup sugar, 1 egg, 1 tsp vanilla, 4 (3 oz) pkg jello -- You can use any flavors you want

What a gorgeous rainbow of colors Jello makes, and a smart idea for kid-friendly cookie making. Find the how-tos to make JellO cookies HERE at i heart naptime. craftgossip-com-top-picks

Washing Powder.

Washing Powder (no borax) With Added Fabric Softener

Washing Powder (no borax) with added fabric softener (I use this recipe. Do it in half lots & add of borax IN Each Half lot) -KERRY

The road to loving my Thermomix: Edible Glitter

Ok so it isn't glitter as such but these are a great cheap sprinkle alternative for cupcakes! These are so expensive in the shop. I noticed a small tube was clo

Homemade Face Cream Recipes That Won’t Clog Pores. Finally! One without beeswax. My skin doesnt need that stuff. Trying this one immediately. I think I'll use lavender.

Homemade Face Cream Recipes That Won鈥檛 Clog Pores 4 tablespoons of grape seed oil 2 tablespoons beeswax cup water 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel

Make this SUNSCREEN LIP BALM! all natural lip balm for sun protection DIY

Sunscreen Lip Balm Recipe

This homemade sunscreen lip balm recipe provides natural protection from sunburned lips with ingredients that you can feel good about wearing.

A little bath salt in the water can do wonders, especially when you’re tired after a hard day at work and all you want is to take a relaxing bath. But woul

An easy mint mojito DIY bath salts recipe - the refreshing mint and lime are perfect for summer soaking!

DIY Soap Making & Recipes – Beginner To Advanced : TipNut.com

I hate buying handsoap refills and it seems like we are always out somewhere in the house - so going to try this homemade liquid handsoap recipe!

Homemade Deodorant Recipe — my.life.at.playtime.

Homemade Deodorant Recipe

The road to loving my Thermomix: No Cook Playdough

No Cook Playdough - fantastic, ours was a little sticky, 2 weeks later its still alive in fridge