Tony Vitaly Hung

Tony Vitaly Hung

Sydney Australia / 18yr old. 📍Sydney, Australia. Youtuber. Producer. Photographer. Traveller. HypeBeast
Tony Vitaly Hung
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My Little White

Hey My Hunters First take off using my new DJI PHANTOM 3 in Taitung Taiwan. Still playing around with the setting and camera capabilities.

The Death of Little White

Hey My Hunters This is the death of my DJI Phantom My Little White. I was trying to get some footage for my vlogs but it didn't end well. The drone was pe.

A Day In Kaoshiung | Vlog 6

Hey My Hunters Sixth Vlog. Thought it was going to be a boring day in Kaoshiung but ended up being much more than I thought. Bought a DJI Phantom 3 and a Zhi.

First Flight | Vlog 7

Hey My Hunters Seventh Vlog. Another vlog about changing locations and sadly lost all the footage for me actually doing something. But I flew my DJI Phantom .

A Day With My Cousins | Vlog 8

Hey My Hunters Sorry for the very large break between my last video and this one. I was in hospital for the last few days in Taiwan and I had an internet iss.

Biggest Mistake Ever | Vlog 9

Hey My Hunters Ninth vlog. This is the vlog that I personally hate the most because I crashed my drone that I've had for three days. However the family gathe.

Shilin Night Markets | Vlog 10

Hey My Hunters Tenth vlog. Just flew up to Taiepi from Taitung where I would spend my last couple of days in Taiwan.

Last Day In Taiwan | Vlog 12

Hey My Hunters Twelfth VLOG. Last day in Taiwan. Luckily my drone was fixed to perfection, only taking one day. Ran into some camera difficulties so couldn't.

Taitung to Kaoshiung | Vlog 5

Hey My Hunters Fifth Vlog. A not so self based vlog as I didn't do much today. You would know if you've watched the vlog that its more of a changing location.