MindCare group for 2014-2015 "Your Heart Felt Moods."

Collection by Trudy Newell
Small group workshops and classes for mental illness support and recovery based practises. We will be using the media of fibres ( very tactile, esp the felting!) to help us talk about our feelings moods and thoughts as they relate to having mental illness.. At the same time, the skills developed in class have cottage industry/enterprise applications that are suited to working from home and being self sufficient. The products (yarn, felt, combed spinning dyed tops have great potential for sale e
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Black Diamond Bamboo Tops Black Diamond, Bamboo, Black Diamonds

Black Diamond Bamboo Tops

Soybean Tops Plant Fibres, Fiber, Felt Hearts, Merino Wool, Low Fiber Foods

Soybean Tops

FeltFine supplies raw materials and tools to fibre artists. We carry Australian merino wool, and a wide variety of other animal fleece, silk and plant fibres.

Scorpio Merino/Flax Blended Tops Scorpio, Merino Wool, Scorpion

Scorpio Merino/Flax Blended Tops

Slightly different to the other blends, Scorpio is a dramatic combination of scarlet and raven merino wool with highlights of bleached flax running through the tops to create a unique effect. This is merino and flax.

Calm Blended Merino Felt Hearts, Felted Flowers, Merino Wool, Lana, Northern Lights, Grass, Fiber, Felt Flowers, Aurora Borealis

Merino Blended Tops - Calm

Hydra Merino/Silk Blended Tops Felt Hearts, Merino Wool, Spinning, Fiber, Hand Spinning, Low Fiber Foods

Hydra Merino/Silk Blended Tops

Hydra is a combination of dyed merino wool tops in ultra violet, cinnamon, poppy and natural white with extra bleached tussah silk to create a rainbow blend with a silky sheen. Excellent for spinning and felting.

Silk Yarn - Lyba / lurex Silk 003 Felt Hearts, Merino Wool


We carry Australian merino wool, and a wide variety of other animal fleece, silk and plant fibres.