Best of Italy

All the reasons why to fall in love with Italy. Many recommendations for restaurants, bars, Cafes, Things to do, Wine tasting and more.
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The stunning Bellano village in Lake Como

Recommendations for things to do in Bellano village in Lake Como. A beautiful gorge, a short hiking trail, coffee in front of the lake

Lucca is a stunning city that lies in the Middle-Northern part of Italy. In the medieval times it was the capital of Tuscany.

Recommendations for things to do in Lucca in Tuscany area. Recommended attractions, great restaurants, coffee shops and

The city of Bellagio is known as “Como’s Pearl,” and has been known for that name since Roman Times.

Recommendations for things to see and to do in Bellagio, a gorgeous city in Lake Como. Villa Malzi, fisherman village, wine bar and

Wine tasting, winery tour, a beautiful village and an amazing fortress

Recommendations for a day trip to Tuscany that includes wine Tasting, winery tour , a beautiful village and visit in a stunning fortress

Our top Cafes and Bars in Rome

Recommendations for the bars and the cafes we liked the most in Rome. A cool cocktail bar, a romantic wine bar, a cafe gallery and a great coffee

Best things to do in Rome

Recommendations for the best things to do in Rome. Eat with the local, free tour, Thai massage, Rose and Orange gardens and


Recommendations for great restaurants in Rome. A gourmet restaurant, homemade pasta, the best Pizza, a local restaurant, a Vegan restaurant and