Cock rings are some of the simplest, most affordable accessories you can include in your sex life to instantly enhance sensitivity, sustain an erection longer, and experience greater satisfaction. These easy-to-use bands fit securely over the base of the penis, restricting blood flow to make the shaft bigger, harder, and more erect. They can also help to delay orgasm, making the eventual climax even more intense. They’re made of a range of materials including stainless steel, rawhide, and silico
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Couple's Ring (Grey)

7 functions of intense vibration, pulsation and escalation Luxurious body safe Silicone Removable vibrating massager Stretchy and comfortable enhancer

Cock Ring (Black)

Some cock rings are too big, some are too small, but TitanMen Stretch-To-Fit Cock Rings fit just right! These stretchy cock rings will fit your penis, his penis and any penis you encounter.

Duo Clit Climax-Her (Flesh)

Turn your penis into an instant pleasure machine with the incredible Fantasy X-tensions. Now you can be all the man you can be and satisfy your partner with thi

Donut Rings Oversized (Black)

These Stay Hard Rings are a simple seductive add on to prolong your ejaculation OR if you just want to add extra sensation the ne

Couple’S Raging Bull (Red)

Ride this Raging Bull for the ultimate experience in lovemaking. The durable, stretchy enhancer provides firm support for him, and exciting stimulation for her.

ColorPoP Quickie Screaming O (Pink)

The Screaming O Vibrating Ring is the award-winning sex secret that helps couples have better, more satisfying sex! With pleasure knobs for .

ColorPoP Quickie Screaming O (Orange)

ColorPoP Quickie Screaming O (Orange)

Cock Shock Remote Cbt Electric Cock Ring (Black)

This powerful shock tool is like a puppy trainer for his cock. The wireless remote controls the electro shock, vibration, audio, and light pulses.