DIY IKEA Ginger Bread House

My first DIY video tutorial! I don't know if other IKEA will be selling this product or not, but in my local IKEA, they have this! Bought like 4 of them sinc.

How To Make Banana Split Cupcakes, via YouTube.

I guess I figure a way to be able to produce more video and upload them more frequently. By not recording my voice over!

Ulala Macarons!

Sorry it took me more than a month to post another baking video. Hope you guys like this video. This is suppose to be for January video but what.

Strawberry Coconut Angel Cake Tutorial

Sounds perfect for Christmas, don't you think? If you wan't to change the strawberry to raspberry, you can! Raspberry is so ex.

Daschund Ginger Bread Cookies Tutorial - Tribute For Becky, via YouTube.

Daschund Ginger Bread Cookies Tutorial - Tribute For Becky

Green Tea Honey Cheesecake

It is time for something green! Not green in envy, even tho your friend might be since you will be making this super yummy cheesecake! I looooove.

Baileys Irish Cream Chocolate Cheesecake Tutorial, via YouTube.

Hi guys! Sorry haven't been posting any video for a while now. I had this video for more than a month now (sorry) and I have been busy with work and personal.

How To Make Triple Chocolate Cookies, via YouTube.

I really haven't feeling very well lately but I really think I need to upload another video, so here it is! It is almost spring again in Austral.