Australians Will Get This

I looked all these up and it is true, even the fish penis show < haha poor non Aussies. Think we're mad ;) <<< haha rip them they will never know the joy of a golden gaytime ;

Hahahaha it's like he's trying to speak to me I know it!

I can't believe that only Aussies call it maccas! I have called it maccas my ENTIRE life!

Ice blocks - funny but true.

Ice blocks - funny but true.>>> ahh the best thing to come home to after a tiring day at school/work

On nutrition: | 21 Tumblr Posts Australians Will Find Funny AF

On nutrition:

Fairy bread is love. Fairy bread is life. You would not believe how shocked I was when I found out that no one outside of Australia knows what fairy bread is. I flipped out, HOW COULD YOU LIVE WITHOUT EATING?