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A strip of polycarbonate skylight running above the kitchen and living area increases the sense of volume and height.

Modern family kitchen in house extension offers sightlines to indoor and outdoor areas, an article at myTrends.

Tom and Jerry Christmas Drink Recipe : Journaling

My grandfather would have turned 99 years old on Christmas morning. One of his greatest legacies in our family came every Christmas Eve when he made a hot,

Youth Factory, Factoría Joven, in Mérida, Spain

Youth Factory, Factoría Joven, in Mérida, Spain, is an example of what can be done if a regional government works with the community and local designers to meet the needs of youth that may otherwise be heading down the slippery path of street life.

Christmas Mule. Karen Martini CHRISTMAS recipes for Epicure and Good Food.

Some traditional Christmas drinks are less than appetising in the Aussie climate: a cup of egg-nog on a day just doesn't hit the spot. This refreshing drink uses festive spices and gives them a warm-climate overhaul.