Rainforest walk at Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia by Mel Sinclair on 500px

Magical Rainforest walk at Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia. by Mel Sinclair.

interactive public seating is needed in hobart city to promote innovation and is a talking point

Stylish Multifunctional Coffee Bench - by Karolina Tylka. this is so awesome

Sea Sparkles are lighting up the River Derwent in Tasmania. The phytoplankton glow blue and put on a show for photographers. Image: Matt Holz.

In Tasmania, parts of the River Derwent shoreline are lighting up with phytoplankton nick named "sea sparkles". Thank you to Matt Holz for this image.


Tasmania is the Australian island state, located south east of Australia being separated from Australia by the Bass Strait, Tasmania is the largest island in the world. Many flora species are unique

The Chapel at MONA. It's gothic, metal and altogether intriguing. #hobart #tasmania #discovertasmania

Belgian artist Wim Delvoye's creation, Chapel at MONA, Hobart.

Hobart to Launceston self drive Tasmania Itinerary

Hobart to Launceston: Our 8 Day Tasmanian Itinerary

11 Towns in Tasmania You Must Set Foot in!

11 Towns in Tasmania You MUST Set Foot In

Check out our list of Top 11 towns in Tasmania to visit on your road trip around the Apple Isle, otherwise known as Tasmania Australia Pinned by Green Mountain Lodges Safari Tours.

Richmond Bridge, the oldest convict built bridge in Australia / Insider tips on visiting Australia / A Globe Well Travelled

So to help you out on your visit, I've put together this locals guide to Hobart!