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Wrap your horse in cozy comfort! The Rider's International Cozy Neck Plaid Fleece Cooler in quality, breathable, mid-weight fleece features a snuggly shawl collar. The shoulder lining runs up and over the withers to provide complete protection against rubs, and the tail cord is washable to keep things fresh.Careful shaping through the hindquarters ensures a good fit. Stays secure with surcingle front closures, belly surcingles and a removable tail cord. Imported. Machine wash col
A mighty blanketing solution for your big horse! The Amigo Bravo 12 XL Medium-Weight Turnout Blanket with 250 grams fiberfill insulation is cut to accommodate larger horses. These horses need blankets with a generous neck, deep drop and ample shoulder room; you'll find all these features and more incorporated into this extra-large turnout.It boasts has a tough, waterproof and breathable 1200 denier poly outer. A layer of fiberfill protects against cold, while a shine-enhancing poly l
Pour son premier shooting chez nous Mr In Touch se pare de 3 couvertures, et pas des moindres ! 🤯 Les fameuses Velvet qui font fureur depuis leur toute récente sortie il y a de cela 3 semaines. Déclinées en moutarde, vieux rose, émeraude et même marine, on ADORE 💖

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Western-tooled dressage saddle - Best of both worlds, or??

Brown & tan English saddles

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Floral catalog style
Early unmarked, western style side saddle with attached saddlebag, marked "100". Auction Estimate $300-500. Auction Date: June 6, 2015.

Spanish style tack

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Dale Chavez Show Saddles

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Selle "Dressage" n°1

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Bates Luxe Dressage Stirrup Leathers make elegant, high-quality fittings for your saddle. Riveted buckle design reduces the thickness of the leather under your leg. Webbing core prevents uneven stretching. Bates Luxe Leather is hand-selected from the finest calf hides in the world. It is cared for meticulously throughout its specialized tanning process to guarantee exceptional performance in strength, color richness and ultra-soft feel. Holes are spaced at 1" intervals. 64" long. Pair. I

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Being rode sidesaddle.

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a man riding on the back of a brown horse
Image: Quorn Hunt Opening Meet, The Kennels 26/10 | Nico Morgan
a young boy riding on the back of a brown and white horse
Being rode sidesaddle.
a white horse with a saddle on it's back
a pair of brown and white shoes on top of each other
Champion & Wilton | Side Saddles | Creaton Saddles
Champion & Wilton | Side Saddles | Creaton Saddles
a brown leather saddle sitting on top of a table
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a woman in black riding on the back of a brown horse wearing a top hat
Sidesaddle at Gladstone 2008
an elephant shaped chair sitting on top of a metal stand next to a building and grass
Floral catalog style
a brown leather chair sitting on top of a tile floor
Les différents types de fourches des selles d'amazone - Equitation monte en amazone
a person riding on the back of a brown horse
Africa Trip, Hunting Pictures, Equestrian Chic, Vintage Veils
a close up of a person riding on the back of a brown and black horse
Selle d'amazone avec outside girthing ou tout petit quartier droit - Equitation monte en amazone
a saddle is sitting on a wooden stand
3 DK Bond II Dressage Saddle