Golden Shower (bossiaea linophylla), Balingup, Western Australia | Pete on Flickr

Golden Shower (bossiaea linophylla), Balingup, Western Australia ~ Photo by Peter Matthews

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What makes an Australian garden ‘Australian’? Leslie Simpson, garden designer, and I think we’ve cracked the code. Listen here to Design Elements, where we’re discussing Australian themed gardens.

Pelargonium 'Australian Pink Rosebud'

Pelargonium 'Australian Pink Rosebud'

Dramatic garden with an emphasis on form and texture. Wonderful water wise planting.

Sarah and Roger Budarick’s drought tolerant garden, Boat’s End, in Australian House and Garden. Path is decomposed granite.

anigozanthos bushfling Flowering Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn Aspect Full Sun, Drought Tolerant, Heat Tolerant Type Australian Native, Bird Attracting, Height to 40cm, Width to 40cm

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Pennisetum alopecuroides PURPLE LEA® 'PA400' ; a clumping growth habit with arching leaves, 80 - 90cm high x 80 - 90cm wide; grows in full sun to part shade, suits sandy to heavy clay soils, tolerates frost and drought. Attracts native birds. Low seed viability so not a great risk of escaping to local bushland

Purple Lea® Pennisetum is an Australian native with showy purple flower heads, has low seed viability so is safe near bushland

Scleranthus biflorus “Australian Astroturf” little tuffet of soft green moss, this groundcover forms a mound about 3” high & 1’ wide. And this guy keeps his green even when it is dry, sunny & hot. Native to Australia, it has practically invisible little white flowers but this plant is all about the foliage. Looks great clinging to stones in the garden, its form hugs the hard edges nicely.

Scleranthus biflorus “Australian Astroturf” - Looking so very much like a moss, this delicious emerald green groundcover for dryish sun or bright shade is actually a member of the Carnation family

veronica speedwell--plant in morning sun, afternoon shade

Speedwell- Veronica 'First Love' Full Sun. Height Space Dwarf variety that produces fluorescent pink spikes all summer over deep green foliage.