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Old-school, small-government, keep-your-nose-outta-my-life and hands-outta-my-pocket Conservative

So true. Modern Day Republicans are neo-conservatives. Whatever happened to letting people live their lives the way the wanted to?

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Military Pension Cut: Every single Democrat in the Senate voted to CUT pensions for military VETERANS. You won't see them cut their own benefits which are far superior.

The Navy Seals !

US Navy Seal Team 6 Let's be clear on this: OBAMA did NOT kill Bin Laden. An American sailor, who Obama is threatened NOT to pay in August of did the job!

Rand Paul awesomeness....this is amazing...j

Goodness, people will never get it! Gun control does NOT stop gun crimes. It only takes guns away from people who would otherwise legally buy them. Criminals will still get them illegally. What is so hard about this?

!!REMEMBER this moronic statement?

REMEMBER this moronic statement?REMEMBER this moronic statement? Considering most murders are committed using clubs/bats or knives that is truly a stupid statement.

Lets ban guns, 'cause we can trust the "progressives" this time!

Why the Amendment was instituted, to protect the citizens from the government. Obama wants to take away this right. Wake up, Obama voters. Gun control only benefits dictators.

This Guy Wonders WT? Is Wrong With Americans... And NAILS It. Hopefully Americans Will Open Their Eyes

Silhouette Man Wonders WTF is Wrong With Americans. I wonder when we actually got as stupid as we are. It seems we are rapidly becoming the dumbest country in the entire world. How long before we wake up or . will we wake up?