Vanessa Masterson

Vanessa Masterson

Vanessa Masterson
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Kids' activity book printable for a wedding reception

Keep kids tiny hands and brains active at your wedding reception by preparing printable activity pages full of brain-teasers and puzzles.

Paper fortune teller for a fun kids' activity at a wedding

Learn how to make a paper fortune teller for a fun kids wedding activity. Free printable fortune teller is full of activities to keep the kids busy.

Coloring and activity book for kids at a wedding reception

Create a personalized wedding day coloring book to keep kids hands busy while the adults celebrate. This is great for kids to take home to allow them to forever remeber the speical day.

Kids' printable activity for a cute wedding reception idea

Just like at their favorite restaurants, provide a paper place mat full of pictures to keep kids fixated throughout the wedding reception!