Gain control over all your papers by following this method. All sorts of tips, resources and ideas to put your mind and papers at ease.

LOVE the color of the basket and other items on top of the great filing system. Get control of the paper piles, once and for all. with this easy tutorial on Paper Organization by A Bowl Full of Lemons

great way to keep your mail off the counter while you wait to sort it

Hang your mail holder on the side of a table or kitchen counter. I am buying a multi-tiered mail holder and affixing it to the desk in my kitchen tomorrow!

No room for a giant office in your home? Check out this Simplified Filing Station that packs a big organizing punch with a little footprint. Via Clean Mama

Simplify the Season : Organize Your Paperwork

I need this for our home office.Ditch the piles of paper and chaos and say hello to simpler organization with this Simplified Filing Station via Clean Mama

Organized drop space

I'd like one single door cabinet in the drop zone for craft stuff. KJL I really like the inside of the cabinet doors. One has a magnetic sheet with magnets the other side has peg board with hooks.

Mail sorter from Ikea

Clean Out the Paper Clutter: Managing our Mail

Taking a little time to set up a homekeeping binder can make the summer run more smoothly AND it'll be great for when school starts back up!  Clean Mama

Clean + Organized - How To Make a Homekeeping Binder

CLEAN MAMA: Clean + Organized - How To Make a Homekeeping Binder - Good range of free printables.

How to organize and manage paper clutter: A Bowl Full of Lemons

Day One: "How to organize and manage paper clutter: A Bowl Full of Lemons"- this site is fantastic and inspirational, great ideas for they modern type-A woman.

Organizing Paper Clutter! Good stuff!

Honey We 're Home: Spring Cleaning & Organizing Paper Clutter} I especially like the storage for instruction manuals and warranties

Love the styling and storage via me oh my!

the shelving NOT the stupid looking, fake deer head. If I were to actually want a deer head in my office, or anywhere else in my house for that matter, I'd just get grandpa to mount a real one for me.

By far An AMAZING organization site!!!

An AMAZING organization site - I could spend hours on this. Hmm, this is a good idea. Maybe it will get all of the crap-ton of paperwork off my kitchen counters.