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Aboriginal Art Graphic Symbols and Meanings

Aboriginal art symbols and meaning infographic explaining the different symbols used in aboriginal paintings and their meanings.

aboriginal art

Aboriginal Art - Wentworth

Australia's best Contemporary and Aboriginal art, open 7 days in the Sydney CBD. All artworks are available to buy or rent and come with a two year exchange guarantee.

Devon Yates / Tjamala  2010   1016 x 1524mm

Paintings from Warakurna and Wanarn, Sydney Exhibition

Aboriginal & Pacific Art, in association with Warakurna Artists, WA invites you to this group exhibition of new works. Paintings from War...

Mitjili Napurrula, Aboriginal art

New Obsession: Aboriginal Art

I've been reading Ish & Chi for a while now, and while I do enjoy seeing the outfits Viv puts together for her "Friday Fashion" posts, I'm far more intrigued by the large painting in the background. Eventually, through her home decorating posts, I've discovered that it's one of three pieces of "Aboriginal art" that she has collected. Here are the other two: I'm embarrassed to say that I had never before heard of (or more accurately, paid attention to) aboriginal art. But I was immediately…

Australian aboriginal art


Anonymous, Australian aboriginal art Barnett Newman, Untitled - The void (1946) Callum Innes, Monologue black (2007...

Mitjili Napurrula Australian Aboriginal Art

Mitjili Napurrula Australian Aboriginal Art Painting Artist 96 x 93

Mitjili Napurrula Australian Aboriginal Art