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the instructions for an outdoor party tent with tables and chairs, including two rows of seats
20'x30' Party Canopy & White Frame Tent Layouts | PartySavvy Tents
the floor plan for a conference room
40x60floor.gif (350×256)
a white bench sitting in front of a window covered in gold sequins and flowers
Backdrop Stand & Ceiling Drapes -
8Ft x 8Ft Gold Big Payette Sequin Curtains, Photo Booth Backdrop With Rod Pocket
the wedding party is set up and ready to go
700w Cold Spark Firework Machine Dmx512 Stage Equipment Showing Machine Low Noise with Wireless Remote for Wedding Party,4 Pack, Black
700W Cold Spark Machine Stage Equipment Fireworks Machine with Wireless Remote Control Smart DMX Control Stage Equipment Showing Machine 1.Upgrade Cold Spark Machine The stage equipment output sparking is mild and non-invasive, the hand can touch, will not burn clothes. 2.Multi-gear Spark Height This fireworks machine can output sparks up to 5 meters high outdoors , which can output sparks up to 3 meters high indoo.3-level height adjustable.(3 gear at 3-4 meters, 2 gear at 2-3 meters, 1 gear 1-2