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Vicki Smith

Vicki Smith
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I've made this recipe a million times already, it's THAT good! I swear I'm buying up all the broccoli stocks in Melbourne! You have got to make this flatbread, the goodness of broccoli teamed with the amazing properties of turmeric mean it truly is a '

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Grain Free Avocado Flatbreads

Not just topped with avocado but made from avocado. High protein, low carb option for bread. Paleo and keto friendly.

Gluten-free Venetian carrot cake

Gluten-free Venetian carrot cake - from Nigella on BBC food. Made it so many times and it's always loved even though people are surprised I'd opt for a gluten free cake.

Kitchen Coquette - Daily Life - Chocolate Crackles for Grown- - Peanut butter and jelly chocolate crunch

Challenge and Discover: Baking Soda Science

Baking Soda Experiments for Kids - A Challenge and Discover Theme from Inspiration Laboratories and Science Sparks - 10 baking soda experiment ideas plus a challenge to share your own baking soda science activities