Australian Wattle Craft | The Wattle is Australia's whimsical, stunning national flower. Help your family learn more about their heritage with this cute craft!

Australian Wattle Craft for Kids

Australian Golden Wattle collage art and craft for kids, to learn about Australia's national flower. This would make a great toddler or preschool activity - my year old toddler was able to do all the elements herself.

A fantastic collection of fun craft ideas and recipes from Aussie bloggers to help children celebrate Australia Day. Mummy Musings and Mayhem

20 Ideas for Australia Day Crafty Fun

It’s Australia Day on the January here in Oz and it’s always nice to get the children involved in some fun crafts that mean …

Happy Whimsical Hearts: 10 Aussie Activities for Kids!

Happy Whimsical Hearts: 10 Aussie Activities for Kids----quiet book page? Different flags, state flags-birth states?