How to make Maznik (mahz-neek). This is a traditional Macedonian handmade pastry…

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Macedonian Food, Cuisine and Recipes: Zelnik

Zelnik is a Macedonian traditional food, it's made anytime in the year, especially in the winter, for Christmas Eve. Zelnik is a pastry ver.

stuffed peppers,minced meat and rice, polneti piperki, Пиперки полнети со месо

Piperki polneti or stuffed peppers, are also very popular dish in Macedonia. Peppers are stuffed with ground meat with rice and spices then .

Peaches are cookies that my mother regularly prepared when I was a kid. They are basically consisted of baked biscuits glued with jam, then ...

Peach-shaped cookies or breskvice No wedding, christening or any big family gathering in Slavonia and Baranja is complete without these indulgent and delicious sweets. Their names Breskvice literal.