Maltese nougat - sugar, almonds, cinnamon. YUM

Maltese Nougat Recipe │ Come to Malta and discover our culture.

Pastizzi, flaky, stuffed pastries from Malta. My favorite is the Pastizzi tal-Pizelli, which has a spicy pea filling!

Easy Cheesecake Recipes from Malta: Pastizzi Recipe - Ricotta and Peas Recipes

Pastizzi Recipe... I hope these are as good as the ones my ex-boyfriend made :D

Maltese Cheese Cakes Pastizzi Recipe- The quick and easy way :P

Prinjolata - A traditional Maltese dessert prepared especially for Carnival. The name 'prinjolata' comes from the word ‘prinjol’ which means pine nuts in Maltese. The prinjolata is a delicious carnival cake that is instantly recognizable from its unusual shape. When ready, the prinjolata resembles a snow capped mountain

Prinjolata, Malta's king carnival cake is a mad mound of cream, sponge, glace' fruit and melted chocolate. Eaten once a year and rued til the next!

Recipe For Baked Rice (Maltese Dish): Inside The Kitchen

Recipe For Baked Rice (Maltese Dish): Inside The Kitchen

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Pastizzi Tar-rikotta

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