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small space front yard native design with formal lines set against a central naturalistic feature garden. natural materials (timber cladding, aggregate stone walkways, corten planters) to work in with house style and enhance the native plant layout. wide paved path amongst stone to provide access from front to rear of property.
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Blue Chalk is a spreading succulent with a distinct “blue” shade and interesting texture. Use as a ground-cover, in pots, as a border and to add contrast.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Senecio Mandraliscae Blue Chalk SticksBlue chalk sticks is an attractive easy care succulent with chalky blue-green finger shaped leaves. This plant works well in borders, containers and rock gardens. Can also be used as a house plant.

Eden project's railway sleeper designs - seating

Railway sleeper projects - A page for Kilgraney's customers to share their ideas, photos and projects using railway sleepers

westringia fruticosa grey box coastal rosemary; flowers in spring summer and autumn. ideal for hedging. 40 cm high and wide. Excellent in coastal positions

Westringia Fruticosa - Grey Box Coastal Rosemary // Zone 1 // Front garden hedge or bush. Flowers in spring summer and autumn. ideal for hedging. 40 cm high and wide. Excellent in coastal positions.

Corten Steel planter retaining wall planted with ornamental grasses - simple and effective

We're coveting an extra-long steel planter to run along the base of a facade: Above: A Corten Steel Planter Retaining Wall System from Planterworx.

lomandra "Tanika" native plant - To be planted in mass around front path and area of front garden near accaccias to constrast leaf shape,texture and differing shades of green, For Gillett Drive

GRASS : Lomandra 'Seascape' a tough grass that adapts to sun or shade and many irrigation variables.

Black Kangaroo Paw / The black kangaroo paw (Macropidia fuliginosa) is one of the most spectacular Australian native plants.

The black kangaroo paw (Macropidia fuliginosa) is one of our most spectacular Australian native plants. Available Aug-Nov for goth weddings, halloween, or general fabulousness.

// by Hocker Design Group

isometrics: // Landscape design Larchmont By Hocker Design Group Photos courtesy of Hocker Design Group

a front path set with free-form bluestone pavers is lined by drought tolerant plants including Anigozanthos (commonly known as kangaroo paw), a silver bush of Leucophyta brownii, and Dieties Iridiodies (African iris).

Designer Visit: A Courtyard to Covet in a Modern Melbourne Garden

A small garden in Melbourne suburb Toorak was a blank canvas the first time designers Cameron and Stephanie Paterson of Grounded Gardens saw the site.