Mini Cannoli Cream Cups Recipe – How to Make Cannolis the Easy Way

Homemade Mini Cannoli Cream Cups via Cooking With Sugar ~ You can have the great taste of homemade italian cannolis at home without all of the hard work with this easy mini cannoli cream cups recipe. Cannoli’s are an all time favorite Italian dessert

Made these Middle Eastern Chicken Kebabs last night for a big family dinner. Went great with a Greek salad, pita bread and hummus. Easy, foolproof and everyone loved!

Middle Eastern Chicken Kebabs

Middle Eastern Chicken Kebabs (TESTED & PERFECTED RECIPE) Chicken thighs, marinated in a tangy blend of yogurt, lemon, garlic & spices, and grilled on skewers until golden brown.

It's no surprise that this is the most popular recipe on Bake Play Smile. I love this No-Bake Malteser Slice so much... and have made it about a zillion times!

Malteser Slice - Conventional Method

My no-bake chocolate Malteser Slice takes only 10 minutes to prepare. This is one of my most popular slice recipes ever!

Pastizzi. 'The two most common pastizzi fillings are creamy ricotta cheese (pastizzi ta’ l-irkotta) and spicy pea mash (pastizzi tal-pizelli). They’re a calorie-rich frill devoured anytime, although usually at breakfast, as an afternoon snack and on Sunday mornings – early, when nocturnal revellers are staggering home hungry, or late, as churchgoers are returning from Mass.' www.lonelyplanet....

Maltese Cuisine

Pastizzi (cheese and meat pies). Maltese cuisine is a cultivated relationship between the traditions of indigenous inhabitants and many other foreign influences coming from centuries of colonial domination. The most pronounced imp…

Shirazi Salad Recipe - ~ Chopped tomatoes, parsley, cucumbers, and onions are dressed simply with olive oil and lemon juice in this refreshing Persian salad—a great side dish for picnics or barbecues.

Shirazi Salad

36 Middle Eastern recipes for small plates that make perfect beginnings to any meal (Persian Ground Meat and Onion Kebabs,Jujeh Kabab (Spiced Chicken and Tomato Kebabs)Shirazi Salad,Tart eggplant and herb pickle) mmmm.

Louisiana Red Beans and Rice

Louisiana Red Beans & Rice

Louisiana Red Beans & Rice - Budget Bytes - this was super rib-sticking and my husband ate it for days. I used a ham hock, polish kielbasa, and brown rice made with chicken stock.

Cajun Delights: Cajun Christmas Party Menu + Crawfish Cornbread

Cajun Delights: Cajun Christmas Party Menu + Crawfish Cornbread ( lots of good recipes!

Link to traditional Maltese recipes. Visit it and try some out, if you want to eat really good, Southern Mediterranean food. #malta

Link to traditional Maltese recipes. Visit it and try some out, if you want to eat really good, Southern Mediterranean food.

Inspired By eRecipeCards: New Orleans SHRIMP and ARTICHOKE SOUP

New Orleans Shrimp and Artichoke Soup Absolutely DELICIOUS loaded with shrimp and sweet artichokes, seasoned with Creole/Cajun spices . A version taught at the New Orleans School of Cooking and AMAZING! Remove artichoke and we have a deal

Kwarezimal ~ traditional Maltese cookies that are mainly consumed during Lent. Get the recipe here -->>

This traditional easy cookie recipe from Malta, is made during Lent. Kwarezimal is a non fat sweet that is mostly eaten at Lent. Try this simple cookie recipe today! Get the recipe here.