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a poster with the words, what if there was a way to teach chemistry through coloring?
There is a way to teach chemistry through coloring, and doodle notes, and other simple visual ideas. If you are looking for chemistry ideas or lessons for your classroom, check these printables and worksheets. They are geared towards high school and middle school students. Homeschool chemistry students would love this as well! There are activities for moles, balancing equations, solubility, solutions, molar mass, atomic mass, net ionic equations, acids #chemistry, #tpt, #homeschool, #doodlenotes
the diagram below shows different types of liquids and their corresponding names, as well as what they are used to describe
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the diagram shows how to make an atomic structure
Timeline of Structural Theory | Chemogenesis
the table shows different types of polyatomic iones and their corresponding names, including
Common Polyatomic Ions
a diagram showing the flow of liquid and gas
Learn the Phase Changes of Matter
an old man is standing with his hand on his hip and pointing to the side
an image of a cartoon character with the words rhenum in arabic and english
112 Cartoon Elements Make Learning The Periodic Table Fun