Michael Leunig | artiste australien, caricaturiste, philosophe et poète

Michael Leunig (portrait by Jacqueline Mitelman) is in my opinion Australia's National Living Treasure (as in the Japanese tradition!

Beauty is all around us, you just have to stop and look.  Image courtesy of Michael Leunig  #beautyofnature #lovenature

Official website of Michael Leunig, Australian artist & cartoonist.

Embroidery by @erstwhilegoegraphy (Instagram)

Embroidery by @erstwhilegoegraphy (Instagram)

the treasure trove: Michael Leunig

CREATIVITY AND AUTONOMY: To recover our essential autonomy is the bottom line of all spiritual practice, although it’s seldom referred to in those terms. It’s called finding Truth, or God, or the Real. [Artwork by Michael Leunig] .

Cartoons - Leunig


Michael Leunig's take on the Olympics! He's always so refreshingly whimsical.