Sherbet dippers great for school fairs & babe sales                                                                                                                                                      More

Sherbet Lollipops (birthday party/end of year treats, fund raisers etc)(Baking Sale Packaging)

Salted caramel fudge - Christmas inspiration

Salted caramel fudge

Irresistible bits of fun beckon with this salted caramel fudge. Another one to try with our Rose Orange & Vanilla Salt Dust

Spider lolly craft

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lollipops, black pipe cleaners and small wiggly eyes. center pipe cleaners around lollipop stick, and twist tight. repeat 4 times to make 8 legs. glue on eyes. bend ends of pipe cleaners so they look like spider legs

Redskin Coconut Ice recipe

Redskin Coconut Ice

Why simply colour your coconut ice pink when you can add the nostalgic raspberry flavours of Redskin lollies. These are a super-sweet treat perfect for parties and the school fete!

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