Affirmations are a wonderful way to start your day. They can help you set the tone for how you want your experience to be, and aid you in establishing your intention for the day. Here is a simple morning affirmation to help you begin the day in an optimis

Amen, my greatest blessings are my Lord Jesus Christ, my boys and the love of my life. My greatest blessings are my family, friends, and Jesus Christ

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22 True Love Quotes Will Make You Fall In Love

Deep in my heart baby I truly know your the one that I love and yes I have tears in my eyes sending this Pinn. This Pinn deeply touched my heart.I love you with all my heart and more baby.sweet dreams my Queen.

Digging for ones own worth is hard work. But you are well paid when you have the chance to help someone else

Langston Hughes - She, in the dark, found light brighter than many ever see. She within herself, found loveliness, through the soul's own mastery. And now the world receives from her dower: The message of the strength of inner power

Mother earth hear me calling

Brother star(s) or something? Book of Shadows: Hear Me Calling page.