Lomandra seascape - A soft looking plant, but very ,very tough, 75cm high x 50cm wide

GRASS : Lomandra 'Seascape' a tough grass that adapts to sun or shade and many irrigation variables.

Salt-Tolerant Plants for Seaside Gardening #seaside #gardening #tips Good to know for mailbox garden!

Seaside Gardening - Choosing Plants & Adding Beach Style to your Landscape

Seaside Gardening - Choosing Plants & Adding Beach Style to your Landscape. it's important to know what plants will thrive in the environment for flowery curb appeal.

mass plantings contrasting shades of green - Secret Gardens of Sydney

Cool colours and beautiful textures with small leafed Westringia and Santolina(?) by Secret Gardens of Sydney. Not only do fine-leaved plants withstand heavy coastal winds, but they look great when mass planted adjacent to other fine-leaved plants.

Fiona Brockhoff Design » Coast & country landscape design

Love the soft green bushy plants. Sleepers as pathway is nice but don't think we want stones in between. Like some of the flowers & trees in background too.

Australian Plant Image Index conostylis candicans

Australian Plant Image Index conostylis candicans

Coastal garden www.jamesrosslandscape.com.au

Grasses and shrubs planted straight into a gravel ground cover could work well

Lomandra confertifolia "Crackerjack" Lomandra is a native Australian clumping grass which is very useful in landscaping. Crackerjack is a variety with fine foliage and a fresh appearance that is maintained all year round. The new growth is blue which then matures to green with age. Crackerjack should be planted in free draining soil and in a full sunlight to part shade position. It is very good in dry conditions as well as tolerating moderate frost.

Exhibits a strong, but graceful presence in the landscape. New seasons growth is blue, maturing to green with age with flowers positioned deep in the foliage.