Wasn't going to reboot until I thought of Lin Manuel Miranda

This has spread faster than anything I've ever posted, including other "chain mail" band stuff.

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Tumblr Tuesday 2-18

"Proper clothing makes all the difference," said the PE teacher wearing hoop earrings, a skirt, and heels.

Sorry, guys. We ain't changing

tomorrow arvo I'm gonna pull a sickie, stop at the servo, get a goon from a bottle-o, do a maccas run and have a durry mate

Hilarious Australian Ad

Funny pictures about Hilarious Australian Ad. Oh, and cool pics about Hilarious Australian Ad. Also, Hilarious Australian Ad photos.

"One does not simply eat an entire spoonful of Vegemite."

29 Of The Funniest Memes About Australia

Snow in Australia

Snow in Australia

I saw snow once. I melted half way to the ground. so yeah nah, I've never seen snow

They have these... In... Australia...?  Here, hold my wuts.

Shocked Americans // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - --- I laughed a little bit too hard at this. I made the exact same face when my host mom asked if I wanted one when I lived in Brisbane!

Aussie humor – Australia at its very best | PMSLweb

Aussie humor – Australia at its very best

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22 Important Lessons From Tumblr About Australia

Funny pictures about The Emu War. Oh, and cool pics about The Emu War. Also, The Emu War.

Sorry Australia. We love you, but this is funny

Sorry Australia. We love you, but this is funny

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous buildings on the planet with revered architecture. But an image of dishes in a rack Photoshopped onto the spot occupied by the building has gone viral.