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Vicki Malioris

Vicki Malioris
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32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About

BEAUTY TIP :: Mascara Spoon Trick (a. the business card trick) :: Use a plastic spoon to help apply your mascara especially on the bottom lashes. The inward curve of the spoon helps get right up to your lash line for perfect mascara.

5 Things Charismatic People Do in Conversations | Levo League | public speaking, body language

There’s a reason Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most popular actresses today. It isn’t just that she’s smart and talented—she’s also charismatic. Even when she fell at the Oscars, on her way to.

7 Movies You've Never Seen To Make Your Night In That Much Better

It& Friday night, and you have made no plans except settling into a pillow fort and watching a movie. But you& met with the ever-present dilemma: How do you find something to watch that you haven& seen before? It& a surprisingly difficult task i