Being happy does not mean everything is perfect. It means you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.


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The Morality of Meditation

The Morality of Meditation

Here's an interesting study that proved meditation increases empathy after only 8 weeks.

The developing world's new millionaires #infografia #infiographic  (Thanks Katie Noon)

12 Developing Countries Where The Millionaire Population Is Exploding [Infographic]

Metro Diplomacy - By Robert D. Hormats | Foreign Policy

Metro Diplomacy - By Robert D.

Earth's population has hit 7 billion and will grow by 2050 to 9 billion. That means megacities of more than 10 million people will proliferate, and that raises questions about how people will live, work and - for Ford - move about. In Beijing today, they have 5-hour commutes. During the 2008 Olympics, they had 12 days of traffic gridlock. Our Traffic Jam Assist technology will drive your car for you in a jam while you relax. Later, cars will talk to each other to route around traffic....

Motor industry futurist Sheryl Connelly looks forward to the rise of megacities and self-driving cars