balloons blown up to different sizes and just taped to the wall.

Balloons taped to a wall to resemble by bubbles. This would be awesome at a bridal shower or another kind of party with a champagne bar. Love this idea! Use pearlescent colors for an adult party and primary colors for a kids' party.

Polka dot collection and kid decors by Pottery Barn Kids

hot pink hanging flowers, top left pic - Polka dot collection and kid decors by Pottery Barn Kids

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms & Paper Lanterns

Party Decorations - pink grey butterfly ballerina girl baby shower tissue pom paper lantern cluster hanging over dessert table

Enchanted Kitchen: Butterfly Fairy Bread

Butterfly Fairy Bread is a twist on the Aussie favourite Fairy Bread. Fairy Bread is a MUST at kids birthday parties. Actually, i've been kn.

Birthday cake

Birthday party cakes and food

Birthday parties need party food. Choose a birthday menu that includes a birthday cake and party food like sausage rolls, fairy bread and chocolate crackle

Make your own masks

Craft games

Craft games will keep kids busy at your birthday party. Choose party ideas that are craft projects like making masks, finger puppets and paper lanterns.