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World Cup crafts for children - Toilet paper roll finger soccer

When I was a child, my Dad would stay up at night during World Cup season to watch the games on TV.

Toilet Paper Roll Merlion

Pei Pei and Hao Hao pointed at the national flags outside the HDB flats, and exclaimed "Singapore flags!

DIY Handphone Cover

To many of us, the function of handphone covers are not just to protect the handphone, but they also beautify the handphones.

Toilet Paper Roll Fish Lantern

toddler activities and crafts that pass the toilet roll test - Yahoo Search Results Yahoo Image Search Results

Dried Flower Lantern

Some time ago, we bought a bunch of flowers to decorate our room. The children were delighted to see such lovely flowers in the room!

DIY 3D Letters

The children finally have their own bedroom! One consideration of designing a shared children bedroom is to ensure there is private space f.

DIY Cards Using Coloured Salt with Chalk

See what the children have prepared for DaDi as Father's Day present this year! Warning: the process of making this card is very me.

DIY Customised Family T-shirt Cupcakes

[Sponsored Post] Time flies, my firstborn is turning 6 in about a month's time. As usual, I would handmade birthday present for her.

Flower Ring

DIY Mother's Day Crafts - Flower Rings and Plastic Bag Flower

Tissue Paper Flower

Yes, tissue paper. Oh, not those that are used for wiping mouth / sweat / tears. It is an useful craft material, and is available in Art Fr.