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Choosing a dog my be the only chance you get to pick a relative!

how to fold a fitted sheet

Organization Tip: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

I hate to fold sheets.how to fold a fitted sheet (this blew my mind because it sure isn't the ridiculously hard way my Mom taught me - and so stinkin' obvious when you see the demonstration!) EASY and finally an unwrinkled bottom sheet!

A Cozy Couple (and a great winter look)

I have to agree with Jennifer! Doxies make the best accessories :)

So, What's for Lunch?

Community Post: 25 Animals Who Think They're People

Bears like to have picnics. And at these picnics, they like to sit at picnic tables. Sometimes, after a nice picnic, they'll sit at th.


Creative Examples Of Street Art That Will Blow Your Mind

Kruger National Park, #SouthAfrica

Elephant Highway by Mario Moreno via "An elephant walking on one of the tar roads that connect the main camps in Kruger National Park. Elephants in Kruger often use the roads to travel as they are free of vegetation and simplifies transport.

Super Weiner!  Via What's Up Dox Dachshund Shop

This list of the cutest, most adorable dachshund pictures includes pictures of adult dachshunds as well as puppy dachshunds. Dachshunds, or Wiener Dogs are a partic.