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This is an iPhone snap, there was not enough time to whip out the Nikon. A little post manipulation in Photoshop to achieve this effect and no I wasn’t in Holland.

Easter Sunrise

It’s Easter Monday and the location is Easter Monday Track in Central Victoria, no kidding! I saw the track a few weeks earlier on a GPS map of the area and thought it would be great if I cou…

Contemplating the meaning of life.

Contemplating the meaning of life.

New York

A friend recently posted a picture of a similar building. I decided to dig mine up, many happy memories of our visit to this great city. I would love to go back to New York and experience its sight…


These two fowl creatures came out of the scrub every morning at eight o’clock on the dot. They foraged for a bit then disappeared before the day got too warm.

The Track

This track looks innocent enough but hides lots of dangerous bumps and crevices that could ruin a good day out. It’s often a tedious requirement to get out and walk ahead but besides the exer…

Secret Billabong

I had a tag-along buddy on this trip, the very fit and adventurous Karrin. The track down to the river was very steep, rocky and wet and I decided not to chance it in the vehicle so we hiked it.

Country Church

This country church is in Korobeit, in beautiful Central Victoria. Obviously heavy with digital magic to give it an ethereal appearance. The Dubs


Melbourne’s Southbank and the Yarra River looking west, standing on the North bank. A very popular area with lots of restaurants, hotels and of course the casino within walking distance.