Snake Plants --

Snake plant (sanseveria) as the vertical element, Purple Heart (Setcresea), Senecio and Burro's Tail draping over the sides.

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Great idea to have a vertical timber wall in front of the bricks to shade & create interest with chairs & pota

denise barreto / mostra artefacto, rua haddock lobo em jardim paulista são paulo

Mostra Artefacto 2015 apresenta mestres do décor brasileiro

Leichhardt landscape design project. Photography Natalie Hunfalvay. Architect CDArchitects

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List of plants used in California drought tolerant yard ::

List of plants used in California drought tolerant yard :: Euonymus Microphyllum Buxus Phoenix Roebelenii Euryopo Patio Tree Osteospermum Diosma Lavender Agapanthus Peter Pan Erysimum Bowles Wall Flower Festuca Myoporum Parrifolium

Concrete planters by krista

outdoor garden design for urban apartment balcony: concrete pots with succulent plants and fig leaf tree

Zinc Large Floor Planter From Crate and Barrel

Handsome planters play the supporting role with style, showcasing greenery indoors or out. Curved wide-mouth containers in neutral charcoal grey are cast from an innovative blend of stone, plastic and cement that adds strength while reducing weight.

Agaves, tall grey modern planters by ValeriejPeters

Metal containers with Agave 'Blue Glow' and trailing Senecio radicans. Would work in the landscape where the tall shrub died in the backyard in AZ.