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Vintage postage stamp

1949 Australian Stamp - Arms of the Commonwealth of Australia

Design by Frank D. Manley.

NSW Waratah stamp (1959) designed by Margaret Stones via Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Waratah, Telopea, in applied art - Australian Plant Information

Australian bird stamp ...

Australia bird stamps - mainly images - gallery format

Stamps from Australia showing birds

1959 Australian Stamp - Blown up stamps wall art?

1959 Australian Stamp - Waratah

Design by Margaret Stones.

Australian Flannel Flower Stamp 1959 Actinotus helianthi (designer Margaret Stones)

Actinotus helianthi stamp

Picture of AUSTRALIA-CIRCA1960: One pound square Australian postage stamp with image of a kangaroo and an osterich circa 1960

9 Sept 1959 Same image on white paper was issued on 28/10/64. Designer: Margaret Stones Plant: Acacia pycnantha Family: Mimosaceae (Leguminosae) Golden Wattle Medium shrub or small tree to 10m. Golden ball-shaped flowers in spring. Occurs in NSW, Vic, Sth Aust. (naturalised in WA). National floral emblem of Australia.

Acacia pycnantha stamp

Christmas Bells stamp (1960) designed by Margaret Stones

Blandfordia grandiflora

Australian Banksia Stamp 1960 Banksia serrata (designer Margaret Stones)

Banksia serrata stamp

australian one penny stamp

Australian Kangaroo Stamp

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Australia 1 1/2

vintage stamp Australia 1 1/2d 1.5d King George V. old postage 1 1/2 p three halfpence 1.5 pence 邮票 澳大利亚 timbre Australie марки Австралия Briefmarken Australien znaczki sello selo Australia

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AUSTRALIA - Kangaroos - Second Watermark 5/- Deep Grey & Yellow Watermark Inverted, BW #43Aa, uneven perfs, Cat $2,000. Dealer Phoenix Auct...

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The first official Australian stamp - the 'kangaroo and map' stamp. (Credit: Wikimedia)

On this day in history: Australia's first stamp released

Nearly a century ago, the first stamp in Australia was released.

1959 Australian Native Flower stamps

Australian Pre-Decimal Stamp Blocks, Sets & Sheets | eBay

1959 Australian Native Flower stamps

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