The ropes are tied together to make a pattern, which gives the viewer the feeling of a rough texture from the ropes

Bad: The Macaroons seem a bit random and the placement is messy. It should be more of a clean look.

The Best Winter Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hot cocoa (which is closer to drinking chocolate than hot cocoa) that is rich and delicious. I add coffee to my chocolate but looks very much like this image ;

Photography - Flower Photograph - Nature Photography - Pink -  Ranunculus - Samba -  Spring - Original Fine Art Photograph

Home Decor - Gift For Mom - Flower Photograph - Nature Photography - Pink Print - Samba - Ranunculus Art - Fine Art Photograph - Oversized

Senior Pictures // soft, hair, natural

Bare Face :: Natural Beauty :: Love your Skin :: Summer Glow :: Messy Hair : Free your Wild :: See more Untamed Beauty Photography + Inspiration

Photo by Lee Jeffries

Previous pinner wrote: "It’s amazing how a simple photo portrait can speak for itself, especially when it is the portraits of the elderly. All their life story is written in their wrinkles." And their eyes, and their energy, I would add.