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Ancient cities are truly remarkable and unlike any other cities on the planet. Here are five ancient cities that you definitely do not want to miss.

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Six mummies were discovered in Egypt. Recently, the Egyptian state decided to encourage archaeological excavations to advance research.

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The Battle Roar of Sekhmet by Tyrannohotep - An Egyptian warrior must defend her niece and her traditional beliefs from persecution by the Pharaoh Akhenaten and his goon Ay.

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The image shown are called Doric columns and were created as early as 600 BC. Doric columns are a combination of a rectangular slab, above a circular slab. Doric columns stand plain and smooth.

Ancient, Greek, Gods - Free images on Pixabay

Ancient, Greek, Gods - Free images on Pixabay

Free Image on Pixabay - Hercules, Statue, Greek Ancient

A simple and good protein smoothie recipe. The amount of protein per calorie is similar to that of ground beef. A lot of protein for the amount of calories.

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Sacrifice scene, with kalos inscription. Detail from an Attic red-figure oinochoe, ca. The Louvre.

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The Ankh is an Egyptian symbol which represents two main concepts: immortality and a and balance; life and death, joy of life, zest and energy.

Pharaoh - Free images on Pixabay

Interesting facts about ancient Egypt you probably didn't know

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Does nationalism always reflect the uniqueness of a nation for its tradition and culture, or at times it is just an imagined concept that helps the