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It's only been 6 months since I added this picture and 400+ people pinned it already. Makes me believe that people are as fond of beautiful words as I am. Thank you, lovers. :)

I’ve never read anything as beautiful as this.<<<or as true i thought I knew exactly who I wanted but right when things where seeming good someone came and showed me I was so very wrong♡

▶ Squid soup (Ojingeoguk:오징어국) - YouTube

Squid soup (Ojingeo-guk) we go squid fishing in winter so needed new ways to eat this healthful sea food. This is a flavorful, healthy Korean soup. Full of greens and healthiness.

That Pulitzer prize winning 1972 AP photo shows a 9 year old girl running away from her village in Vietnam that had just been napalmed. The napalm burned off her clothes. The girl, Kim Phuc, survived and is shown 40 years later.  She now lives with her family in Canada, and helps young victims of war.

Then and Now: 40 years since one of the most iconic pictures of the century was taken. The child who was severely injured by the napalm bomb in the America-Vietnam war has since met and forgiven the pilot who dropped the bomb.