Issue 25

not for a wedding but love the dress The Carlee Gown by Chaviano Couture / Photography: Elizabeth Messina / Floral Design: Amy Osaba

Issue 22

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Issue 30

Issue 23

Great example of using social media to be a hub for the wedding community in Newcastle and beyond - WHITE Magazine

Issue 37 is about keeping things simple and focusing on the special, intimate relationships in our circle and nurturing those. Our hope is that you will be inspired to take a step back, breathe a little and consider what matters.

Issue 37

To David + Jenna, marriage is joy in the mundane moments of everyday life and a sense of connectedness that transcends every other relationship.

Issue 34

Our exciting new bridal collection 2017 has been featured in the latest issue of the gorgeous out now 😍❤️

Issue 33

True Nature, Relationships, Happiness, Joy, Bonheur, Happy, Being Happy, Glee

Issue 32

Welcome to the second installment of white's reimagined magazine!

Issue 31

We've taken our design, inspiration and meaningfulness to the next level. If you've loved white for years, you're going to want to get your hands on our new collection.

Issue 29

WHITE MAGAZINE This is a magical magazine, with the most beautiful aussie weddings for inspo!

Issue 27

Well my love for this magazine, and the beautiful people who work tirelessly to bring it to our newsagents shelves, grows with every single issue! Keep an eye out for the incredible shoot created by a bunch of fabulous local vendors including 💕

Issue 24

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