2023 Competition Themes

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Leaf veins and texture by Martyn Franklin
"Hong Kong Venice" by Ho Fan

Comp 1: Monochrome

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Comp 2: Curves

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Kepa, 1958. Herbert Dombrowski

Comp 3: Blur/Panning

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27 Incredible Bokeh Photographs

Comp 4: After Dark

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Rafa practice at Us OPEN

Comp 5: Sports

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Comp 6: Portraiture

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a woman is jumping in the air with an orange glove on her hand and people behind her
I would choose Tayla Harris over sad men of the internet any day
a tennis player is swinging his racket to hit the ball with his racquet
Rafa practice at Us OPEN
a man holding a tennis racquet in front of a white ball on top of a table
a woman holding a ping pong racket in her hand
London 2012 Summer Olympics - Athletes, Medals & Results
Kasumi Ishikawa of Japan
a ping pong player in action during the men's singles match on day one of
Pro Tour Table Tennis Grand Finals Day Four Locog Test Event For London 2012 ストックフォトと画像
a volleyball player jumping up to hit the ball
a woman jumping up to hit a volley ball over the net in a beach volleyball game
Beach volley in action
a woman climbing up the side of a mountain
a woman climbing up the side of a cliff with her hands in the air while holding onto a rope
Climb Before You Die
a man climbing up the side of a mountain with an inspirational quote above it that reads,
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Rock climb
two men fighting each other on a black background with one man wearing red and yellow shorts