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cancer prevention

Cancer prevention begins with you

What happens when you get cancer

Doctors argue more patients with terminal illnesses, should be given choice of having ‘reconditioned’ lungs from a smoker, which can give them years of extra life.


“Maybe next time you’ll try a little sunscreen” So THAT’S how bacon is made…


Always wear SPF and reapply once every hour!

sun smart logo

Sun smart is another brand that is striving towards skin cancer prevention. In my opinion this brand is a good brand and should carry on striving towards skin cancer prevention .

slip slop slap

This is a great way to be protected from the sun, Slip on a shirt, Slop sunscreen, Slap on a hat, Seek shade and Slide on some sunnies. This helps to prevent skin cancer

skin cancer fact

skin cancer fact

skin cancer stats

skin cancer stats