Koala in the creek, Australia Day

Koala in the creek - Celebrate Australia Day January. Cute kids party food idea - Blue Jelly and a Chocolate Caramello Koala with mini Aussie Food Pick

Pirate party - digging for treasure cute idea for kids Halloween party.each parent brings a bucket full of sand already filled with the trinkets they want their kid to find - can be a colored bucket the kids can use at the beach the next summer!

Australia Day loot. Bucket made with paper party cups, strips of red card and brads (paper fasteners). Filled with Aussie themed loot - Caramello Koala, Aussie coin, Beechworth honey, Australian sultanas, Aussie flag dog tag necklace, party blower.

diy loot bucket for the kids on australia day.


{Patriotic} Red, White & Blue Aussie Party

Aussie Inspired Decorations - maybe use for Australia Day

Echidna lamington cake balls

Adorable Echnidna Shaped Lamington Cake Balls Recipe - onebitemore great recipe idea for Australia Day treats

{Patriotic} Red, White & Blue Aussie Party! // Hostess with the Mostess®

{Patriotic} Red, White & Blue Aussie Party

// Hostess with the Mostess®

- Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Hostess with the Mostess® - Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!