Oak Barrel | Piping in the Haggis

Theatre at the 2012 Sydney Whisky Fair held by The Oak Barrel Liquor Store - Home of the Finest Whiskies in Sydney. Piping in the Haggis is traditional Scott.

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Oak Barrel | Summer of Riesling Laneway Tasting 2013

Jason Hoy from the Summer of Riesling, describing the Summer of Riesling Laneway Tasting in partnership with the Oak Barrel. The Laneway tasting is on Sunday.

Oak Barrel | smoky whisky

Dave describes some alternatives to the big brand smoky whiskies. Whiskies discussed include Benriach Curiositas, Kilchoman Machir Bay and Ledaig 10 Year Old

Oak Barrel | Thoughts of Dean Hewitson #4 Science and creativity

Dean discusses the difference between Science and Creativity when making wine

Oak Barrel | Dean Hewitson Some thoughts #1

Dean discusses what makes a vertical tasting of The Old Garden Mourdevre from 1998 onwards

Oak Barrel | Tip from the Barrel : Get along to the Sydney Boutique Wine Fair 2012

The Oak Barrel will be presenting the annual Sydney Boutique Wine Fair on the of November. This event showcases local and international boutique winerie.

Oak Barrel | Tip from the Barrel: Bill Lark and The Oak Barrels Private bottling

Here is Bill Lark describing the exclusive private bottling for the Oak Barrel.

Oak Barrel | Tip from the Barrel: Maturing and Finishing of whisky, via YouTube.

Dave describes the differences between the terms "maturing" and "finishing" in regards to whisky production.