July 4, 2016 Written by: The AIM Network Leave a reply Image from mamamia.com.au Category: AIM Extra permalink The AIM Network By Dr George Venturini* Testing the thesis . . .  Obsession with natio… https://winstonclose.me/2016/07/04/the-facets-of-australian-fascism-the-abbott-government-experiment-part-33-by-dr-george-venturini/

The facets of Australian fascism: the Abbott Government experiment (Part – By Dr George Venturini

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September 2015 Written by: John Lord 13 Replies Category: News and Politics Tagged under: Abbott Government,Australian Labor Party,Coalition, Mainstream media, Tony Abbott John Lord Saturday 29 .

Border Force is over. Give it up for Van Squad! Cartoon by FIRST DOG ON THE MOON

first dog cambodia cartoon

Border Force is over. Give it up for Van Squad! Cartoon by FIRST DOG ON THE MOON

first dog cambodia cartoon

Guest post by Dr Stewart Hase There is a belief in the minds of too many men that it is somehow appropriate for males to force themselves sexually on women. It is borne from a sense of entit... http://winstonclose.me/2016/01/06/by-a-man-for-men-repeat-after-me-blokes-guest-post-by-dr-stewart-hase-no-place-for-sheep/

Local Lawyer Dion Custis Explains the Difference between Third-Degree Sexual Assault and Sexual Battery

Former Labor premier and newly minted Tory pundit Peter Beattie says Twitter should be happy Peter Dutton has a sense of humour. East Coast Twitterati board member Dave Donovan says Peter Beattie is... https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/abbott-gang-jokes-about-rising-sea-levels-do-matter--despite-what-murdochs-minions-say,8156

Abbott and Dutton's jokes about rising sea levels do matter — despite what Murdoch’s minions may say

By political reporter Francis Keany Updated 28 minutes ago YOUTUBE: Peter Dutton overheard quipping about Pacific Islands facing climate change PHOTO: Scott Morrison, Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton a... http://winstonclose.me/2015/09/11/peter-dutton-overheard-joking-about-rising-sea-levels-in-pacific-island-nations-written-by-francis-keany/

Opposition calls for Peter Dutton Cabinet dumping after joke about rising sea levels in Pacific - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Immigration minister shares awkward open mic moment with PM after Pacific islands fail to convince Australia to aim for a global warming target of 1.5 degrees           Peter Dutton is overheard jo... http://winstonclose.me/2015/09/11/peter-dutton-jokes-with-tony-abbott-about-rising-sea-levels-in-pacific-nations-written-by-shalailah-medhora/

Kiribati, Pacific island: North and South Tarawa are seen from the air in the central Pacific Island

June 7, 2015 The all-new powerful Peter Dutton (image from smh.com.au)In December 2014, then Immigration Minister Scott Morrison made this alarming lunge for sole power over citizenship decisions w... http://winstonclose.me/2015/06/07/how-to-avoid-the-democratic-process-within-your-own-party-written-by-michael-taylor/

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed he would have the power to cancel a person's citizenship on advice from security agencies.