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Barbara Jean
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One day this will be seen for what it truly is: animal cruelty.

One day this will be seen for what it truly is: barbaric animal cruelty. Please ditch dairy and go vegan. Only a human would devise such an abomination!

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"cape scott tree" - photo by tristan rayner - tree near san joseph's bay in cape scott national park, mt. waddington on vancouver island, british columbia, canada; an example of the creativity that can be found in nature

Please choose cruelty free, go vegan!

Animal Rights Photos showing the cruelty inflicted on Animals with Heidi Porter's Anti-Fur Images (containing Nudity).

Witte Buffel

I have seent this in my dreams! White Buffalo- Native Americans hold it sacred. A white buffalo was born in Wisconsin named Miracle. * * I REMEMBER THAT ! A Menomonee/Chippewa friend of mine and her daughter were rejoicing and went to see it.

Why eating Vegan doesn't mean being perfect

Yup, I'm vegan, and I'm certainly not perfect. It does make me feel better at least, knowing that I'm not contributing to their suffering. And causing less impact on our environment and natural resources - agreed.