Apple Buckwheat Pancakes

New Recipe: Almond & Pumpkin Bread!

Almond & Pumpkin Bread or apple sultana spice bread using apple instead of pumpkin, add a cup of sultanas cinnamon t nutmeg, t cloves

grain free muesli

Not Quite Muesli

Perfect for breakfasts, snacks and desserts. Free from gluten, grains, dairy, egg and refined sugar.


Gluten Free Chia Bircher Muesli

Raspberry and coconut porridge

Raspberry and Coconut Summer Porridge

Simple and Delicious Raspberry and Coconut Summer Porridge. Free from gluten, grains, dairy, egg, nuts and refined sugar.


Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl

Apparently in some homes breakfast is a leisurely affair. Families rise, chat, perhaps drink some tea, then casually go about preparing and cooking a gorgeous meal while helping each other in the kitchen and discussing the day ahead. This is not my house. Our home leans more towards, ‘it is best not to speak until …

Run Drink Run Smoothie