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an abstract painting with red, white and blue feathers on it's back side
Original Art | All
four different vases with flowers in them
6 Flowers (complete set of 6 works) by Robert Mapplethorpe on artnet Auctions
some pink flowers are floating in the water
Roses in August — Suzanne Saroff
a red flower sitting on top of a white wall next to a writing inscription that reads love matters
just another masterpiece: Photo
a piece of paper with red and green paint on it that says, love is
a pink flower floating on top of water
Waterplants By Lisa Sorgini
black and white photo of woman's dress with flowers on it
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a vase filled with pink flowers on top of a table
Pink lilies
a blue vase filled with pink flowers on top of a table
Orchids, 1985, Robert Mapplethorpe Print
an image of a white flower with the words maplethrope written below it
How to Become an #AnOtherLover