Recipe for bacon and egg breakfast pies

Bacon and egg breakfast pies

Food recipe Make dessert for breakfast in these savory little pies. Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pies with roasted tomatoes.

Tomato and Halloumi Salad = "Hangover Cure" ... I shall try

Brunch Recipes - Ideas For Making Breakfast At Home  BUTTER BEANS, CHORIZO, and EGG-- a great irish-style dinner or hangover cure

Chorizo with stewed butter beans and spicy tomato sauce minute meal)

Alkalize the body, natural flu/sore throat remedy, metabolism, hang-over cure, immune system booster, natural energy drink.  3 lemons, 2 limes, 2 cucumbers, 4 green tea bags, 4 oolong tea bags, 1 cinnamon stick, 3 tbsp ginger. Put the 8 tea bags, cinnamon stick, ginger and honey into coffee pot and then have the hot water run into it and steep for two hours. Cool then add everything else. Drink 1 glass in the morning with 2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar.  1 glass at night Aloe Vera Juice.

Body Flush & Detox 1 cucumber, 1 lemon, 1 or 2 oranges, 2 limes, 1 bunch of mint Slice & divide ingredients in four 24 oz water bottles and fill w/ filtered water. Helps flush fat & counts toward your daily water intake.

Watermelon is kinda like warm lemon water, it should be consumed alone and first thing in the morning. It is made of 92% water and will clean out your system. If eaten with other foods it will ferment inside the stomach until everything else has been digested – causing bloating and gas

Watermelon Ginger Lime Juice Chop the watermelon and peel the lime and ginger. In a juicer, blend the watermelon, ginger and lime. Serve the watermelon juice fresh and cold.

The Hangover Cure burger includes egg,bacon,American cheese,sautéed onions,tomato and mayonnaise

The Hangover Cure burger includes egg,bacon,American cheese,sautéed onions,tomato and mayonnaise


Mexican Hangover Cure Seafood, juice, and salsa type ingredients.beautiful meal on a hot day.

Miso Soup with Ginger and Kale    Below is a liver detoxifying potion and a hangover cure.  You may even be cured by the aroma steaming from this bowl of deliciousness.

I have lots of kale and this looks delicious. Superhero Miso Soup wtih Ginger and Kale

The perfect hangover cure: Stoli Bloody Mary Shot #cocktail #recipe #fridayclub

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